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About The Baking Coach, Inc.

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Founder: Lisa Basini

In October of 2005, I started a company called The Baking Coach, Inc. The idea came to me in a dream years ago. As a small child, I spent many days and sleepovers at my Grandmother's and Aunt's houses learning this great craft and by the time I was 9 years old I was able to make a cheesecake from scratch and family dinners almost every night. This passion for cooking and baking stayed with me for my entire life. Baking to me was more of an Art and my way of relaxing and learning at the same time. Learning was a big problem for me! It was difficult, but I used recipes to help me understand reading and math. Each recipe took on a new adventure.

It helped me work on my reading comprehension and math skills. Each recipe was a short story, the ingredients were the characters, and the instructions became the story, which always ended with a very yummy and wonderful dessert or meal. Understanding weights and measurements were a very big part of that as well. Increasing or decreasing quantities or doubling up on recipes helped me with fractions, multiplication, division addition and subtraction. Artistically, I began to express myself by cake decorating and presenting the food to make it very appealing. My visual skills have always been my strong point, so that part was easy. The history of food became more important to me as I learned about dishes and desserts of other cultures. Baking opened up so many doors for me.

As an adult, I decided to attend culinary school, which was not an easy thing to do, since I worked full time and I am married with two beautiful children. After Culinary School, I opened up my company and I hope to touch as many lives as possible! Today, I teach baking and cooking privately, in libraries, schools and other non-for profit organizations with the help of my staff. In addition, I write and develop recipes for major corporations and food style for photography.